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We'll Come To You!

We understand the convenience of on-location services, so we'll come to the location of your choice.

The roundtrip fees are as follows*:


Up to 30 miles - No Charge

30-40 miles -$60

41-50 miles - $80

51-60 miles - $110

61-70 miles - $120

71-80 miles - $140

81-90 miles - $160

91-100 miles - $180

100+ miles - TBD


If your location (venue or hotel) is more than 100 miles or 2 hours away,

accommodations will be required for your artist(s) the night prior to the event.

*these prices are subject to change at any time. 


The minimum number of services required are determined by

the date of the event the distance The Artists have to travel.

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